Getting Your Video on!

Video guys are a dime-a-dozen, you say? I know this kid who has a camera! Video Production is too expensive!

All these questions point to a larger question, what price do you put on your company? How much time and effort do you put on your company goals?

As of 2014, video accounts for 63% of the traffic on the internet. Fast forward and video accounts for upwards of 80% by 2020. That makes video content more important, more engaging and more relevant than ever.

There are a host of reasons why you are required to have a video production these days. To keep up with changing times or to be more relevant. One of the biggest reasons is keeping people engaged. Numbers show the engagement goes through the roof on websites that have engaging video.

And there’s the rub, engaging videos. We at Orbit Creative can help in that process of building engaging videos.

Here are just a few samples of our work!

Attention to Your Details!

Your business is first and foremost in your eyes, it should be. Let us help you grow your business by building engaging, creative, relevant videos for commercial air, social media and your website.

We are available and most importantly, affordable. With rates starting around $200, the time couldn’t be better to break into online video!

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