Getting Started with eLearning

eLearning has become such a catch-phrase these days. From helping people change an O-ring in a dishwasher to “Plug and Play VHS” types like the way Khan Academy was originally built.

In all intelligence, youtube is a viable eLearning strategy, except for the testing. There are videos that can show you how to do everything. Bake a cake, play a bass line from a Sublime song or even build an eLearning course. As odd as it seems building an eLearning course isn’t as easy as the video assumed. Nor was the cosmic votex it through me in, watching aneLearning video on how to build aneLearning course,

At any rate, getting started with eLearning can, at times, feel like you’re climbing up a snowy hill barefoot. But it doesn’t have to be that way. eLearning is a celebration about your content, your training and most importantly, your business. Besides, who knows your business more than you?

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